Cyber Diary Usability Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and share your ideas. Your Input will provide the information you want.

1. If you have gone through the blog ‘CYBER DIARY’, what overall rating would you give to it?

  • a. Superb
  • b. Excellent
  • c. Very good
  • d. Good
  • e. Satisfactory
  • f. Need Improvement

2. Which type of articles you liked the most in Cyber Diary? (Choose any four)

  • a. Social Issues
  • b. Business and Economy
  • c. Reviews
  • d. Personal Experiences
  • e. Leadership and Governance
  • f. Inspirational Articles
  • g. Religious
  • h. Stories and fiction

3. Do you like the font size used?

  • a. Yes
  • b. Likes Bigger Font
  • c. Likes Smaller Font

4. Whether the theme font used is fine to read?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No

5. Do you like the design and presentation?

  • a. Excellent
  • b. Very Good
  • c. Good
  • d. Not Good
  • e. Very Unattractive

6. Whether the articles should be longer or short?

  • a. Make the articles longer
  • b. Make the articles shorter
  • c. Present size is adequate for various articles

7. Have you subscribed to Cyber Diary through email?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. I don't know how to

8. Would you like to have a link in Facebook whenever an article is posted in the blog?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. I don’t have a Facebook Account

9. How did you come across the blog Cyber Diary?

  • a. From Facebook
  • b. From
  • c. Told by friends and others
  • d. While surfing the net
  • e. Told by Sibichen
  • f. Any other source

10. In future you would like to have more articles on… (any four)

  • a. Social Issues
  • b. Leadership and Governance
  • c. Stories and fiction
  • d. Sharing of experience
  • e. Reviews of books and films
  • f. Business and Economy
  • g. Inspirational Articles