Sibi Says:

I and Me : The Self and the Other

Observing people and their behaviour and understanding the patterns that shape their decisions were of immense interest to me since early in my life. . I started ‘publishing’ handwritten magazines and newspapers during my school days.

Cyber Diary : The world as I perceive

A basket of interesting articles on life, society and much more! Thoughts, Reviews, Experiences and inspiring real life stories for everyone!You are welcome to read and comment.

Making People Pay : Why and How?

Author Sibichen K. Mathew is successful in presenting his in-depth study on what makes people pay taxes or what prevents them from paying in a very interesting style. He takes us through the history of taxation happening in the world. Read More...

When The Boss is Wrong : The lessons

When the Boss is wrong will help bosses, subordinates and organizations find the answers to these questions and many more in this book


Dear Cameraman, Beauty is only Skin-deep!

  I have seen still cameras, especially those attached to the smart phones, with auto option which clicks on its own when the person photographed is s